Fellow Travelers

Travelers at an InnI learned a long time ago (from years spent in advertising) that there are no original ideas.

This is especially true in advertising.

And it’s also true of the idea for READTHE100.

There are many who have gone before, although they are reading different lists of books.

What do others working through a list of the best books, have to say?

Check them out:

Robert Bruce at 101 Books.

Jason Pettus at the CCLaP 100.

Bryan at ReadingAllTimeNovels.

Matt Bowes at This Nerding Life.

Matthew Read at 1001BookstoReadBeforeYouDie.

TBM at The 50 Year Project.

Doug at Doug Reviews the Top 100 Novels.

Robby at Blogging the Canon.

All of these readers have been at this project longer than we have, so you’ll find plenty of great reviews on their sites.

Do you know any others that belong on our list?

If so, please tell us, so we can add them.

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